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Air-Con Regas in Peterborough

For expert air-con regas services in Peterborough, look no further! Keeping your air-conditioning system in peak condition is crucial for optimal performance and ice-cold air-con. Experts recommend scheduling an air-con regas every 1-2 years to maintain efficiency. As time passes, it’s common for air-con systems to gradually lose gas, especially in vehicles older than 2 years.

At APEX Tyres in Peterborough, our certified technicians are F-Gas registered and equipped with the expertise to inspect and upkeep your vehicle’s air-con system seamlessly. Our quick air-con regas service, completed in under an hour, ensures you’ll enjoy refreshing, cool air-con throughout spring and summer.

What air-con gas does my car need?

For air conditioning re-gassing in cars, two types of refrigerant gas are commonly used. The traditional R134A gas has been widely used, while the newer R1234YF is becoming more common. Typically, vehicles registered before 2017 would use R134A, whereas those registered from 2017 onwards often require R1234YF. It’s advisable to consult your vehicle handbook for precise information on the refrigerant your car needs.

Air-Con Regas R134A

Traditional R134A refrigerant. Suitable for most vehicles manufactured before 2017


Air-Con Regas R1234YF

New generation refridgerant. Suitable for vehicles manufactured from January 2017.


Antibacterial System Cleanse

Removes bacterial from the air-con system. Removes stale odours for clean, healthy AC.


Air-Con System Pressure Test

Nitrogen pressure test to check for leaks. This is required if your AC system contains no gas.